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Chalet Prices


One aspect I find difficult with running the Chalet business is the pricing!


Now at the end of year 9, there has not been a price increase on the weekly let for 7 years. It’s only after staying in similar accommodation elsewhere that I realised just how much we offer for the price.


With overhead costs increasing each year I need need to look at our pricing structure, and find something which is still good value but which reflects the excellent services we provide, and suits all potential visitors.


Each chalet contains 2 bedrooms, so can sleep 4, and we currently have a set price per chalet. So this is a bargain for 4 people but not so great for one person.


We currently offer a discount for a full week, to try and encourage people to stay a full week, but perhaps this is pointless as the majority of visitors stay any number of nights regardless.


Other ideas in the pipeline are a loyalty scheme, for returning customers. We certainly have lots to consider.