Things to do in Scalloway.

As the owner, I see the chalets everyday and it is difficult for me to really imagine it from the visitors perspective, arriving for the first time, not being familiar with your surroundings.  The chalets are in a great location, only 10 minutes walk onto the villiage of Scalloway for example

    So , I have designed a large visitor information sign, specific to the area surrounding the chalets, in my favourite colours!

  When making the list of things to include on the sign even I was surprised how much there was not mention, such as 2 play parks, 2 hairdressers, swimming pool, 2 licenced grocery shops, café, chinese takeaway, e.t c e.t.c! Without even going into Scalloway there is a fish shop, play park, my art studio (opening spring 2018) and an invitation to come and enjoy the 1 acre garden as part of the stay at the chalets.

I hope my new sign will make visitors feel welcome and well informed!

With any luck we may see the white sided dolphins return to the voe just below the chalets, where the stayed for several days last summer!