Its the little things.

I am always amazed a the range of visitors who use the chalets. So far our visitors have include NHS doctors, locum vets, BT engineers, students, holiday makers, bird watchers, writers looking for peace and quiet, wildlife photographers, sea anglers, film crews... the list goes on.

I always try and imagine what our guests might value in our accommodation, and try to include little extras which will make their stay really enjoyable. It’s often the little things that can make a difference to people.

For example, something as small as an EU adapter, which allowed a visitor to be able to charge up their camera battery before a wildlife boat trip meant the difference between them having photos and memories, and not.

As well as practical items, like adapters, free soap, tupperwear boxes in case of a picnic, cling film etc, I always provide information on local amenities and try where possible to help with any information that is needed. Making visitors aware of beaches near by etc can really make a difference to their holiday experience.

We also have DVDs and books available, free internet access, extra blankets...and we’re open to ideas for anything missing! So please let us know if there are things which we could include to make your stay the best it can be.