Clean accommodation in Shetland.



There are lots of good points to running a self catering business. Meeting people, providing a lovely place to stay and relax are just two of them.


Then there are the less good, but necessary: cleaning!


We deep clean the chalets ?? times a year. Of course we do a regular clean after every let, but it’s important to give the place a really good going over to maintain a high standard of hygiene.


Taking the time to look closely at every nook at cranny throws up some surprising finds, and there has been many an upset spider along the way, facing eviction.


We have 9 chalets, meaning there are 36 pairs of curtains, 27 mattresses and a LOT of crockery to wash or replace as necessary! Having done this for many years, I have a system in place and can get the whole lot done in a reasonable amount of time, which is no mean feat!


We’ve recently started replacing the mattresses to brand new memory foam mattresses, so hopefully our guests will get an even better nights sleep. It’s very quiet at the chalets, so the perfect place to come for a relaxing get away.