Where does the time go!


Easterhoull chalets: nine years on  - 


We are coming to the end of our 9th year owning Easterhoull Chalets, and in that time we’ve never stopped trying to improve them.


With expectations from customers constantly growing, it’s difficult to provide absolutely everything and cater to every taste. While we always try to, we have to  remember we’re providing a 3 star experience, and not 5!


Some of the major improvements we’ve undertaken include re-plumbing all 9 chalets with a new hot water system and power showers, which are excellent. I am always surprised when staying in other accommodation, sometimes paying double the price, to find very poor showers, often electric with no force on the water. There’s nothing better than a long hot shower to unwind at the end of a busy day, and you can be sure to find one in any of our chalets.


We also invested heavily in technology to make sure we had the best internet connection available to each individual chalet, and have included this into the nightly cost.


The next major investment is new outside doors, currently on order which will smarten up the appearance of each chalet.