Booking made easy??

I recently bit the bullet and overhauled the whole booking system at Easterhoull Chalets. Having a system which makes the booking process simple and straightforward - for the customer, and the host - is one of the most important aspects of this business: someone might love the look of your accommodation, but if it’s complicated to book, they’re probably not going to go with you. 

As with any online system, there are many options and it can be far from straightforward to know what to do for the best, to make it easy for both parties. 

However, after a lot of research and some past experience I decided to join up to Eviivo. A newer booking system, it has links with all of the popular and well known booking platforms, such as, Airbnb, etc. I’ve never featured the chalets on these sites before due to the costs involved. 

The feature I was really drawn to was that there is one main calendar, so when a booking is made on any of these platforms, it shows in one calendar (which is my Bible!) 

Customers can also book direct (and not be charged any of the commissions from these other platforms). So I hope you’ll find this process stratforward and smooth. It’s worth noting that I will always give the best rates to customers booking directly through me - either at the website, or phone. So do get in touch!