Pass it on week



Pass it on Week, Scotland’s annual initiative to promote recycling, may be over but it isn’t limited to one week in the year at Easterhoull Chalets. Re-use and recycling is all part of the Easterhoull ethos which involves recycling as much waste as possible and providing an on site compost heap to gather suitable materials for use in the garden. These are the more obvious examples but the Chalets also re-use good quality furniture, some of which is purchased from the local Social Enterprise Company, Cope Ltd. They were able to use Pass it on Week to highlight the work that they do in Shetland regarding recycling and to encourage people to bring in things that they no longer need but which may be of use to someone else.


Cope Ltd has been operating for a number of years now and their Shetland Home Company store is a popular place to obtain household items, including antiques, which still have a lot of life left in them yet. If you want to get a bargain then you have to be quick, as some items get snatched up as soon as they get in the door and before they have even been priced. They also provide employment opportunities and training for several young people, helping them to acquire skills and confidence in their own abilities. Easterhoull is pleased to support Cope Ltd as we share the same principles of reducing waste and encouraging re-use, something that was common practice in previous generations but is now being revived.