Springtime at Easterhoull



Once spring arrives, with longer hours of daylight, it soon becomes clear that there is work to be done outside. Voar, the Shetland word for springtime, was and still is a busy time for a lot of people as repairs are made after the winter gales and the ground is prepared for sowing and planting. Properties are spruced up inside and out, paint is purchased and lawnmowers are brought out and put back into service after being stowed away all winter. At Easterhoull, the Chalets were completely repainted a few years ago and the blue, white and red colour scheme fairly stands out against the green grass surrounding them. They look very picturesque, clustered together on the side of the hill overlooking the sea and the village of Scalloway.


This year, the plan is to renovate and replant an area of ground behind the Chalets, which is going to be a bit of a challenge as it is on a very steep slope. A retaining wall in front keeps the soil in place otherwise it would slide down the hill. Last year, a section was cleared and planted up with strawberries and chives, which the guests at the Chalets were able to pick for their own use. Hopefully, when the new planting is completed, it will provide even more growing space for pick your own produce as well as making a beautiful feature for everyone to enjoy. Next door, at Highlands, the garden is open under Scotland’s Gardens scheme to raise money for various charities and is an example of what can be achieved in a difficult location by sheer hard work, determination and a fair amount of artistic flair.